Things available to borrow in Shilo
Tools Avraham KrishevskyWeed Whackers, jack-hammer, cement mixer, welder, drills0544943456
TablesThe BirsFolding tables for a kiddush or simcha994-2438
Bed LinensThe Hedreis Sheets, pillows, blankets. Great for guests for a simcha994-2489
Chairs & TablesSteinSeveral hundred blue and white chairs for use indoors or out.994-2244
Tableware Bloch Complete meat place settings and serving dish arrangement for special occassions994-2015
Musical Instruments GilbarAttempts to provide any Shilo youth (or not-so-youth) with the instrument of their choice, in memory of Avi Seton, (HaShem Yikom Damo), who was murdered in a terrorist attack, and loved to share music.994-2156
Electric Urns & Hot Plates Eldad CohenAll size of heating devices to keep food hot for the minions.994-2659
Baby EquipmentYaishRenewing the Apter's project of cribs, pens, and baby-chairs. Car-seats: not yet.994-1349
Brit ParaphenaliaEldarPillow and covering appropriate to the celebration.994-2187
Brit ParaphenaliaShachamPillow and covering appropriate to the celebration.994-2193
Wedding Canopy
Wedding KitZvi & Ariela ShavitComplete works- Hooded candles, cups, cards for Sheva Brachot.9942342
Decorative FabricsYael AvrahamAll manner of wall-hangings and fabric to give an event a little style.994-1363
Cars Hedrei and YaishTwo Subarus available for travel.994-2489 or 994-1349
Halogen Projectors GilbarShed the light.994+2156
Bicycles Yosef YerushalmiGet up to speed.994-2174
Camping Equipment & MapsTsofia GilbarHiking maps of the entire country, sleeping bags, tents, jerry-cans, and more.994-7385
TravelDalia CohenTravel connections from Shilo to all over the place.
In memory of my parents, Nisan & Ester.
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