Fruit of Our Hands
Everything on this page is made in Shilo, or by someone who lives in Shilo. Taste from our "fruits."

Pure LogicRav Elhanan Bin Nun, the rabbi of Shilo, and an expert on the Prophets, has compiled classes on the Book of Judges, and with the help of Yair Liberman, edited them into a new explanation of the book that details our original conquering of the Land of Israel. In Hebrew. To order, contact

Pure LogicEly Merzbach, professor of Logic and Mathematics at Bar-Ilan University, has co-edited the 5th volume of 'Higayon' (Logic), a forum for the discussion of the nature and structure of halachic discourse and the use of formal methods in the analysis of Rabbinic literature . For more information, to obtain a copy, or to find out about back issues, contact

Els Anusim

La Por

Nissan Ben Avraham, born in Majorca, has written several books about the lives of the 'conversos,' the Marranos of his home town. They are written in Catalani, and awaiting translation to Hebrew and English.

Els Anussim- Research and study about the status of Conversos, Jewish descendents, especially those of Mallorca, according to Traditional Jewish law. Extensivepreface establishing their place within Jewish History, from an Orthodox point of view, and within the roots of Rabinical Legislature. Annexed examples from wideRabinical Responsa about Converso's problem.

La Por- Historical novel about the tragic events of 1391, when many of Majorca's Jewswere massacred and the remainder were coerced to change their ancestralfaith for that of their Christian neighbors.

For more information or to obtain a copy, contact Nissan at

Pure Logic Fiction by Ester Silvers - Finding a lost Torah scroll can be as difficult as finding yourself.
Sondra Afelbaum is among the few Jews living in a small Kansas town. As a young girl, she learns the story of how the Torah scroll used for services in Lincoln was rescued by a relative in Germany following Krystal Nacht. She is chagrined to learn that a second scroll was also rescued and then later lost. Sondra is determined to find that second scroll if it takes her all her life. But first she has to find herself.
The book can be ordered through Amazon, Devora Publishers, and Target or found at many Jewish Bookstores.
Pure Logic The Remarkable Invention That Saves Zion- A Tale of TRIZ by Yehudit Stupniker - Finding a lost Torah scroll can be as difficult as finding yourself.
The Theory of Invention Problem Solving (TRIZ) forms the scientific basis of this fast-paced adventure story that takes place in Shilo, in Israel's future.
Order it from the publisher or contact Yehudit by email.

Magic ToolShilo Technologies invented. manufactures, and sells the Nes, a manual patented tool which repairs and reconditions damaged threads. They also produce a snap-on snack table for lawn chairs. For more information contact , or look to the Nes Website.


The ThreadsKedma Tie Dye makes hand dyed 100% cotton threads. Warm colors work well for crocheting anything from headpieces to the creation of your choice. Available in 100gm hanks, 50 gm hanks,  and 50gram balls. Custom color dying is available, as are classes in weaking and dying. Contact or .

Illustrator and ExpositerTamar Spero creates individual works, based on biblical verses, names, or ideas, combining calligraphy and illustration. Worthy of framing and gracing any wall, they make unique presents, or can be duplicated as a special door-prize for special occasions. Contact .

Slinging BabiesKanga Slings are all-natural babyslings which are hand-dyed and hand-woven in Shilo. A more natural and comfortable way to carry your baby with you. Suri, the designer and creator of the Kanga, can be contacted .


Home Cookin - The CDYoni Becker is one of Shilo's fine musicians, and has produced his own CD. Mostly original compositions, the CD contains 16 songs of Yoni singing and playing electric guitar, in a Country-Rock good-feeling sort of way. To get your own copy, contact .
Yehuda Glantz is an innovative contemporary Latin Jewish Musician who has created his own special style. Coming from the traditional discipline of classical music as well as the ethnic South American rhythm, the music Yehuda creates is rich and colorful with sounds and airs from all over the world. He skillfully masters 14 different instruments, the charango, siku and pincuyo join the guitar, accordion and keyboard and many more in his world of music, a fusion of hot Latino rhythms, Jewish soul music, new age, and traditional Chassidic melodies.

More information can be found on his website can be reached by email.

In Shilo we also have:
Architect, Doctor, Lawyers, Judge (not available at any price), Programmers, CEOs, Tax Collecter (but friendly), Fireman, Electrician, Chauffeurs, Plumber, Contractors, Therapists (all sorts), Social Workers, Soldiers, Tour Guide, Soferim, Printers, Butcher, Engineer, Repairmen, Recycler, Driving Instructor, Farmers, Leather Worker, Merchants, Bee Keepers, and Traffic Planner.

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