Making Shilo your Home

Israel is unlike any other country in the world. For many reasons. One of the reasons is that people live in so many various different kinds of communities. The world-renowned kibbutz, perhaps the most successful commune, is still around.

But for over 20 years now, the yishuv, the 'settlement,' has been a prominent force in Israeli society, and one of the most effective absorbtion centers for the family looking to establish roots in Eretz Yisrael.

Amana Homes

Shilo has grown through a series of construction projects. While there are a few houses available for various reasons throughout the yishuv, mostly what is available are the newest houses, built by Bniya Bar-Amana. They constructed 22 high quality homes bridging between two of the oldest neighborhoods in Shilo. The houses are each located on independant plots, with a garden surrounding them.

Today only five remain unoccupied. Plans are already underway for the next building project. There are also plots available for independant construction, and a group forming to build several houses on the plots jointly.

If you are interested in joining a new neighborhood, please contact today.

The houses are built with Jerusalem stone, that unique stone which gives Jerusalem its golden glow. With the traditional red tile roof, 60% of the building area can be used on the (unfinished) second floor. Windows and infrastructure is in place to make adding living space on the second floor easy and inexpensive.

The doors and windows are all top-quality aluminum, with insulated glass and roll-up shutters. Solar water heaters are standard feature, and preparations and plumbing for the installation of the central heating system of your choice. The electricity is 3-phase, to meet any demands you might have, a Shabbat clock. The kitchen comes complete with counter and cabinets.

There are also lots available for independant building. A number of residents have chosen this route, and built there own homes. Despite the majority of the houses in Shilo having been built as part of group projects, there is not the cold feeling of uniform housing. Many families have added on or made changes to fit their family, and from "standard" basic building blocks, have grown four neighborhoods with diversity, but cohesion.

For more information on housing, or other yishuvim, see Amana's site.

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