Things You'll Find in Shilo,
That You Might Not Find Everywhere Else.

Pesach Camp
Every year, schools, kindergartens, and nursery schools in Israel close down about two weeks before Pesach, so that teachers can prepare their houses for the great Holiday. If you're a teacher, that's a wonderful thing. But in Israel the students outnumber the teachers, sometimes by as much as 30 -1. So all the students go home too. And how do their mothers clean houses, with a passel of 3,5, and 8 year olds running around?

In Shilo there is a solution. There's a one week camp, for children from 3 to 9, run by the "older" children, which is to say, 10 - 14, supervised by an even older child, usually around 16. This marvelously run contraption has a theme each year (this year's is Months (Iyar, Heshvan and Adar being among my favorites). The camp is run in memory of Leah Deutsh, who used to help run the camp, and was killed in a tragic motor vehicle accident. It is a marvelous example of the way a community shines. The camp is for free.

Gemach- Open Hands
There is a tradition of providing funds for the times when a person is in need, usually without interest, A modern expansion is for people to offer all sorts of equipment to others for free usage. One can find a bridal gown in Jerusalem for instance. So what can ;you find in Shilo?It's part of being in a community that takes care of each other. A better way to live.

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