Shilo's Losses

Shilo has five times suffered from murderous attacks by Arabs who would throw us from our land. It has only strengthened our knowledge that this is our home, but it has hurt our hearts to lose five members of our community. While none of the attacks were in Shilo, the pain, and the memory of our friends lives here, more than anywhere else.

Harel Bin-Nun

Yehuda Shoham

Avraham Siton

Rachela Druck

Shmuel Yerushalmi

Noam Apter

Avihu Keinan

It is perhaps a great irony that not one of the attacks which took the lives of six sons of Shilo and one mother happened in Shilo. Two on the road, one in Jerusalem, two at schools, one doing guard duty on another yishuv, and one on an army mission.There have been a number of people injured from Shilo over the years whose names are not mentioned here. Gila Kessler lived in Eli and studied for years in the school in Shilo. She was an excellent gymnast, and a potential entry to Israel's Olympic team. She was killed in a bombing in Jerusalem. Her grandparents are gardners who have lived is Shilo for many years. Though never a resident of Shilo, is Sarah Lisha taught gym for years to the girls of Shilo. She lived in Neve Tzuf, and her brother lives in Shilo. She too was killed on the road, returning home from a day's work. May her memory, and all those cut down by the hand of those with no soul, be a blessing for us all.

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