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A Jewish Community in the Modern Age.
Israel's First Capital in the Promised Land after Fleeing Egypt.
Finding a House means Finding a Community.
A Collection of People who Live, Work, and Create Together.
The Things We Make - Product of Shilo.
Terror Strikes Shilo
Artists of Shilo
Clei Avi - Shilo's International Music Exchange
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Gemachim (Loaners)

If being part of a warm community that is striving to live together as Jews and build Eretz Yisrael, and concerned for each other is part of your game plan, please look into Shilo. Good things await you.

For more information about Shilo,
you can contact Ncoom at,
Or contact the Shilo Office at
or by telephone: 02-940-1111
(from outside Israel - 972-2-940-1111)
or anyone on the People page,
or come visit,
or write us at --------------->
Klita Shilo
D.N. Efraim

If you are interested in information about other yishuvim, there are several good sites:

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Amana, the Settlement People

Communities in Yesha
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Maale Levona

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